Horticulture: Environmental

Career Opportunities:
The Environmental Horticulture major provides excellent preparation for immediate employment in landscape construction and design, greenhouse nursery production, park/golf course management, garden maintenance, interior plantscaping, and pest control.


Major Requirements (for all options): HORT 311 or 711; 312 or 712; 315, 327 or both 705 and three units selected from HORT 325, 706, or 742; HORT 320 or BIOL 145 or 110. Option 1 : (Landscape Construction/ Design) Career opportunities: Training in this horticultural option prepares the student for careers in landscape construction and landscape design. Students are prepared for the California Landscape Contractors License Examination, and completion of the Associate degree can be applied as the equivalent of one year’s experience toward contractor’s license requirements. Major requirements: as listed above plus HORT 340 or 709; 342. Total: 21-29 semester units. Option 2: (Nursery Management) Career opportunities: Training in this horticultural option leads to career opportunities in nursery facilities planting, cultivating, harvesting, and transplanting trees, shrubs, and plants. The nursery industry includes wholesale growers and distributors of nursery stock, as well as various retail outlets and services. In wholesale nurseries, graduates with advanced degrees have opportunities as production managers and assistant managers, plant propagators, and landscape nurserypersons. Upon obtaining experience in nursery management, some graduates branch out into their own businesses, selling landscape maintenance packages to homeowners, apartment complex owners, and business offices. This entrepreneurial effort can lead to a career as a landscape maintenance contractor, who assumes full responsibility for landscape upkeep on contracted jobs. Major requirements: as listed above plus HORT 330, 340 or 709. Total: 21-30 semester units. Option 3: (Landscape Management) Career opportunities: Training in this horticultural option leads to career opportunities in gardening and grounds-keeping for individuals and organizations. Some landscape gardeners work on large construction projects, such as office buildings and shopping malls. For residential customers, the gardener terraces hillsides, builds retaining walls, and installs patios, as well as plants flowers, trees and shrubs. Other landscape gardeners specialize in lawn service, maintaining lawns and shrubs for a fee. Groundskeepers, generally classified as either grounds managers or grounds maintenance personnel, maintain a variety of facilities, including athletic fields, golfcourses, cemeteries, and parks. After several years of experience, gardeners and groundskeepers can advance to supervisory positions. Supervisors can advance to grounds managers or superintendents for golf courses, athletic facilities, cemeteries, church campuses, and schools. Many gardeners and groundskeepers move into landscape contracting. Major requirements: as listed above plus HORT 330, 342 or 721. Total: 21-29 semester units. Grade C or higher required in all horticulture courses. Plus General Education and other requirements for the A.S. Degree

Many higher paying career opportunities in Environmental Horticulture require a B.S. or advanced degree. Students can fulfill lower division General Education and major requirements at College of San Mateo. See the Transfer Planning and Major Preparation Recommendations sections of this catalog. Students should also consult the catalog of the college or university to which they plan to transfer.

Options 1, 2, and 3 Certificate requirements: completion of A.S. degree major requirements listed above with a grade of C or higher in each course.

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