Dookie 21 program by the University of Melbourne

During our research we came across the Dookie 21 program by the University of Melbourne. The goal of the program is to Transform Agricultural through the use of technology and the right thought process. Below is an excerpt of the program and how it plans to use technology for higher profits and productivity by farmers.

Dookie 21’s Mission

To assist the agricultural sector to meet the challenge and opportunity of food security by finding ways to produce more than twice the food with half the water and energy-related inputs in the Murray Darling Basin and Beyond (Source: Dookie 21, 2012.)

The key factors driving the Dookie 21’s transformational agenda

There are four key factors driving Dookie 21’s transformation agenda. These are as follows:

  1. Climate & environmental protection
  2. A reduction of the carbon footprint
  3. Workforce education
  4. Population growth

Climate & Environmental Protection 
As the population grows and the agricultural sector uses more of its available natural resources, it will be imperative that farmers are able to produce more food with the same or less amount of water.

A Reduction of  The Carbon Footprint
As usage of  fossil fuels increases, farmers and those in the agricultural sector need adapt by using  fertilisers more efficiently, as well as generate on-farm energy from wastes and bio-fuels. In essence, costs need to be maintained whilst profits should grow in the years to come.

Re-Skilling The Workforce
A new generation of technology is available to farmers. However in order for farmers to take advantage of these technologies,  further education is needed to engage a new generation in the workforce.

Population Growth
With the current rate of population growth, the Australian agricultural sector must adapt and better use current technology.  This is necessary in order for the country to obtain a leading role in meeting increased food demands and market opportunities, as well as transforming world agricultural production.

How The Project Plans To Use Technology To Solve The Key Issues

The project plans to use technology to solve the key issues it has addressed by the following methods.

Smart Water Management 
The project will develop real-time management tools for water supply, to ensure that there is a boost of in the use of water efficiency. This will ensure that resource utilisation is maximized and there is no waste.

Next-Gen Farming System 
The project will use precision farming and the latest in genetics technology to increase the productivity and profitability of farmers and agricultural businesses.

Greater Knowledge Through The Internet
By utililising global knowledge and bringing it to the level of  farms where technology can be used to access it – agricultural business owners and farmers will be able to make better decisions and improve their business.

We would love to hear your thoughts. How do you think these initiatives will help solve future issues?

(NOTE: The information has been sourced from the Dookie Website found at