10 Reasons To Grow Peppers in Your Garden

I know many of you guys, your season might be a little bit over but its time to start planning for next season and start figuring out what you’re going to plant for next season.

You know, I love peppers and I’m biased. I love peppers a lot more than I like tomatoes and in this article what we’re going to do is to share with you 10 reasons why I think you should definitely grow more pepper instead of tomatoes in your garden for next year.

So, the first reason why you should grow more peppers is to be different. Dare to be different. I like going against the grain myself, and the tomato is the number one grown vegetable for home gardeners. If you’re going to grow something usually people grow tomatoes and not peppers. I like to be being different, except when I’m going against the grain in traffic. The last time I went like against traffic flow, not cool. I was getting off an off-ramp, you know, off the freeway and then I kind of like misjudged where I was supposed to go because there was no like lane markers and I was going against the traffic and I’m like, ‘oh crap, this is not good.’ So, go against the grain by growing peppers but don’t go against the traffic.

Reason number 2 why you should grow more peppers instead of tomatoes is because you can fit more plants in and have more babies to take care of. Actually, yeah, we’re talking about a four-foot circular bed here, and in a four foot circular bed I can fit about 8 tomato plants and in the same area I fit abut 13 or 14 I believe pepper plants and you can actually grow them closer together. So, my tomato plants would be spaced maybe 18-24 inches apart and, you know, they branch out and spread and get gnarly and these guys just pretty much grow straight and erect and I have them all staked up here to grow them vertically and you can fit a lot more plants in instead of less tomatoes.