10 Reasons To Grow Peppers in Your Garden

Reason number 3 to grow more peppers instead of tomatoes very simply disease resistance. I don’t know exactly what, but I often times had, you now, tomato plants I’ve lost and tomato plants that get disease, bug infestations and all this kind of stuff. My pepper plants are more immune and they don’t seem to be ass affected by pests and disease as the tomatoes.

Reason number 4 to grow more peppers instead of tomatoes. Check this out, man. I got a raised bed on this side, a raised bed on this side, and this is supposed to be the walkway right here but we got a land bridge of tomato vines. The 4th reason is because the pepper plants stay more smaller and more controllable. This is especially important if you don’t want your yard looking like a jungle, like this kind of looks “junglish” because tomatoes are just so out of control. Of course you can trellis your tomatoes up high if you got like the Texas tomato cage, but, you know, they just grow more like a vine and just sprawl all over the place, man. So, it’d be a lot more messy unless you grow patio style or tomatoes that stay smaller, but I’ve found in many cases those tomatoes don’t necessarily taste that good. I like peppers because they stay a lot smaller. They’re much more easier to manage and control.

Reason number 5 to growing more peppers instead of tomatoes is they’re easier to dig up at the end of the season to over winter it inside. I’ve overwintered my peppers before in an unheated green house. I’ve tried the same with the tomatoes. Just doesn’t quite work, man. The tomatoes have a much softer stem and they’re more damage and more fragile. The peppers are more like a tree and they’re more hardy. So, definitely overwintered them in an unheated greenhouse and you could overwinter yours actually inside, underneath some lights in the wintertime and then have a jump on the next season.