10 Reasons To Grow Peppers in Your Garden

Reason number 6 to grow more peppers instead of tomatoes is, in my opinion, there’s much more taste complexity and flavors with peppers than there ever was with tomatoes. Think about it. They got like hot peppers, they got sweet peppers, and then they got that smoky type pepper. I mean, all the peppers I’ve ever grown, they like taste so unique and different. With tomatoes, yes, there’re absolutely different tasting tomatoes but the flavor complexities are much better, in my opinion, on the peppers.

Reason number 7 to grow more peppers instead of tomatoes is very simply they store fresh longer. I’ve actually harvested peppers and they stay much fresher longer, they don’t, you know, dry out, shrivel up, go moldy as fast as the tomatoes. So, you’ll be eating fresh peppers longer into the winter.

Reason number 8 to grow more peppers instead of tomatoes is pretty much right here. Check it out. This guy is a ripe on the vine. It’s actually been sun drying on the vine. So, peppers are much easier to dry and preserve and keep for the winter than the tomatoes. Actually, depending on where you live, they might even dry on the vine just like this and then this will totally keep for awhile. Other varieties you could actually pick and hang dry, yet of course dome other ones you may have to dehydrate, and they’re going to dehydrate faster than the tomato, because they have less water content.