10 Reasons To Grow Peppers in Your Garden

Reason number 9 to grow more peppers instead of tomatoes is guess what? They’re more cold tolerant. I’d have my peppers, certain varieties of course, overwinter and grow and produce in an unheated greenhouse, even. Now, of course, that’s going to depend on where you live but some pepper varieties can reliably still produce when it gets into the high 30’s like the “monzono” or “ricotto” varieties.

So, reason number 10 to grow more peppers instead of tomatoes is because they’re more nutrient dense. What does nutrient dense mean? That means it has more nutrient per the calories when they’re calculated out. I want to encourage you guys to check out Dr. Joel Forman and his book Eat to Live. He also talks about the ANDI scoring chart, where like leafy greens are like the highest food on the chart like the watercress and kale and collard greens and on like a zero is like soda and junk foods. So, we want to eat high on the nutrient density list to get all the nutrient we need without all the calories that may, you know, make you fat and overweight. So, the peppers are actually much higher than the tomatoes and I want you guys to remember these numbers, OS, for example, the tomatoes are 164 on the nutrient density list, and guess what the peppers are? One of your guyses favorite numbers, check it out, 420. Yes, the peppers are 420. So, you remember 420 and you’ll remember and you’ll think about peppers and eating and growing more peppers. Alright, so I just named off 10 reasons why you should grow more peppers than tomatoes.

Lastly, I want to give you a con of peppers. Peppers may require more heat, and this is especially important with the variety you’re growing. Some peppers do better in cool temperatures like the “monzonos”, they’ll produce fine, but some need pretty warm temperatures that many of you guys may not have. So, to rectify this you want to get the right variety and what I’ve learned also is that it’s very important to try to grow the smaller peppers instead of the big, large, honking ones, man. I grow the small varieties. Actually, you saw the red cherries, and they were a hot red cherry but they also have a sweet one also that’s actually grown quite well in my garden. So, to conclude this video, actually I want to open up a gift for you guys that I got in the mail just the other day really relative and pertinent to this video today. It’s right here. This little box and it’s actually from chileplants.com out of New Jersey. Let’s go ahead and open up this box. Check it out. In this box we got a little catalog and we’ll talk about that in a second, but check it out inside the box here. We got all these beautiful peppers and it’s really cool. It has a little legend here for like what’s in each one. So, check it out. These are called “Biou Jolokias” and I bet many of you guys wish I would put this to my mouth right now and eat it. I’d be in pain, man. You can look up “Biou Jolokia” videos on YouTube for people that are curled over after eating just a little bit of this one. Super hot. This is probably one of the most hot peppers in the world right there.