10 Reasons To Grow Peppers in Your Garden

We got this one called “fatali”. That doesn’t sound good either. Fatali, it’s like fatal, and then we got habanero red savannah. I mean, look. These guys are totally beautiful. I mean, honestly tell me that tomatoes look this cool. I mean, all the different shapes and sizes of the peppers amazing. Over here we got the Grenada seasoning peppers, definitely looks really cool. Next right here we got the ahi dolce number 1s. Look at this, man. These look like little UFOs, and then finally we got this one, man. This is called the “maraga” scorpion yellow, and I like how this one looks, man. It looks like part of the body that has some extra skin on there unless you’re circumcised. This guy is probably also real hot. So, what I’m going to do with these guys, because they are super hot, I’m probably going to dry these guys and I’m going to take out these seeds so now I can have the seeds to grow the peppers next year. I guess the chiliplants.com they sell actually chili plants and ships them to you, and I think they actually sell whole peppers so that you can eat them and then use the seeds to grow them next season and they’ll also sell you the seeds so that you can grow the different peppers. I think the next thing I want to do is try one of these guys see if it lights my mouth up on fire. I’m going to try the ahi dolce number one and I’m just going to try a little but ’cause I’m a freaking chicken, man. It’s not hot at all actually. Man, the flavor complexities peppers are awesome. I mean, it has like I can’t explain like it’s just so good. Little bit of heat, of course. If you don’t want the heat, don’t eat the seeds, and the seeds are very valuable for me to not eat but to save. It’s mildly very mildly hot with the really rich intense flavor that I’ve never gotten out of tomato, man. I love this one. So good. So, next I want to share with you guys the catalog. Check it out. Cross Country Nurseries. Chiliplants.com.

Catalog it says, ‘the worlds largest selection of chili and sweet pepper plants 2013.’ Mean, this is insane. Like they have all the listed varieties of peppers listed in here like over 50 different varieties. I bet you guys didn’t know that. I mean, if you go try to buy pepper plants at your local nursery, they might have green peppers and red peppers and one of the tips is the green peppers will turn into a color, you know. The green peppers are unripe and I encourage you to always eat your peppers as ripe as possible. Like the ones in the box there. Nice full vivid colors that make you want to eat them. Don’t eat the green ones, man. They’re not optimally and they have a funny flavor in your mouth.

Full flavor develops when the plants are optimally ripe, they’ve been hanging on the plants longer to absorb more of the nutrients from the soil, but, yea, all these cool different kinds and some varieties may grow better in cooler weather, some, you know, have a different growth structure, some are super hot, some are sweet, and, you know, if you order peppers you can get the exact ones you like. Maybe you like kickass hot peppers, and you can order those seeds from chiliplants.com. Maybe you like them really mild, maybe you just want small ones that are nice and sweet like that dolce one that I just tasted.

So, you want to check out the chiliplants.com, their website, maybe request their catalog, start selecting your seeds now for next year, ’cause it’s coming up real quick. So, hopefully you guys enjoyed this article, learning 10 reasons why to grow more peppers instead of tomatoes, and hopefully you guys will grow at leas tone more peppers plants because of reading this article.